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Spectrum Box - How to use

XOY - Grapefruit Sun Cream

1. Twist cap to open and peel off silver seal
2. Apply to face 

You can use this in the morning by its own or before applying make up. 

Tip: This is safe to use on kids from 7+ years old. 


Urang Neroli pH Balancing Mist

1. Spray on face after cleansing in the morning/night or after a shower
2. Use it 2-3 times a day

Tip: This can be used on dogs and kids


Sshabav - MeanGirl 8second Essence

1. Use after cleansing
2. Drop 2-3 drops on palms and pat on face

Tip: If you have dry skin you can mix a few drops into your bb cream or foundation. 


Dewpiel Masks

1. After cleansing apply toner
2. Peel off the mesh film and discard
3. apply mask on face and leave on for 10-20mins
4. Remove mask and gently pat remaining serum until fully absorbed