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Seollal Box - Directions on how to use

Polatam - Deep moist Cream

1. Apply on face after cleansing and toning
2. Massage into face

Tip: This cream can be used on the hands, body and safe for infants to use.


B-Lab - Peeling Gel

1. After cleansing, apply a small amount and massage onto face in circular motion. 
2. Once all the dead skin is peeled off, rinse your face with warm water

Tip: Use this once or twice a week. 


B-Lab - Cleansing Water

1. To remove make up on the eyes, apply some cleansing water on a cotton pad and leave on the eyes for 5-10 secs and wipe off.
2. For the rest of the face, use a cotton pad and gently wipe outwards from the face

Tip: This is a no wash cleansing water, so you don't have to rinse your face with water. It will leave your face moist, clean and refreshed!


Adaline : Drink Ocean, Let Shine & Soothe Yourself Face Masks

1. Use after cleansing
2. After opening the package, apply the side without the white film on your face
3. Once mask is on, remove the white plastic film 
4. Leave mask on for 10 to 20 minutes
5. Use the remaining essence on the face by tapping lightly

Tip: There is 28g of serum in each pack, so be sure to use the excess on your neck and body or save it in small container for the next day :)