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Blossom Box - How to Use

Prelab - Toning Peeling Tabs

1. Press the pouch in the direction of the arrow on the tab to get the toner to seep into the sponge. 
2. Apply on the face wiping from the inner parts of the face to the outer
3. Lightly pat the face when finished

You can use these in the morning and evening :)

Tip: These toning peeling tabs are great to use before makeup. Proceed your morning routine with these peeling tabs and apply make up after to get a smooth application.


Gentlemask - Aromatic Treatment Oil

1. Apply a few drops on your palms and warm it up before applying to face and neck

Tip: Mix a few drops in your foundation or moisturizer for hydrating and glowing affect. This treatment oil could also be used if you have dry spots on your body or it can even be applied to your hair.


Serendi Beauty - One Day Cream Mask

1. Use after cleansing
2. After opening the package, apply the side without the plastic film on your face
3. Once mask is on, remove the plastic film 
4. Leave mask on for 20 to 30 minutes
5. Use the remaining essence on the face and neck by tapping lightly

Tip: There is 30ml of essence in each pack, so be sure to use the excess on your neck and body or save it in small container for the next day :)