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sleeping in the cold

well, not exactly in the cold.

As we all know and dread, winter is just around the corner. 
It's that time where we put on our onsies and turn up the heat and wished we were in Hawaii. As much as it feels nice and toasty at home, turning up the heat too high is not good for your skin and/or health. Any exposure to the dry or cold air will lower the moisture level of your skin dramatically. When its too hot or warm the same thing applies. So what is the right temperature? On average your skin is approximately 31 degrees celsius, which is normally 4 - 5 degrees lower than your overall body temperature. However, once you start turning the heat, your body typically hits the 40 degree celsius mark which cause your skin to lose moisture and becomes dry. What you would want to do is keep your thermostat/heat in the lower range around 20 degrees celsius. Then along with a humidifier (with at least 50% moisture level set on it) and a few layers of clothes will help your body and skin to maintain the right amount of moisture it needs. Layering clothes on is a better way to keep warm than blasting hot/dry air in the room.

In Korea, most residential places have heated floors (which is by the way so heavenly!). When it gets cold, a lot of people just make their own heat packs and place it on their stomaches when they sleep. Here's how to make your own heat pack

You will need:

1 old sock or use an enclosed towel, cotton fabric
2 cups of raw black beans

Just put the black beans in the sock tie the ends and microwave for 5 mins or until it reaches the temperature you desire. 

That's it! Hope this was helpful.

Keep your skin glowing!

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