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rice water

Who doesn't like rice? Not only can you make delicious food with it, but it's great for your skin as well. 

Using rice water for your skin has been a beauty secret for centuries in Asia. It acts as a natural moisturizer, it lightens spots, brightens the skin, clear blemishes, reduce redness and dark circles under the eyes. If you have eczema, the water helps soothe the inflamed skin. Women also used to rinse their hair in rice water to keep it healthy, shiny and prevent it from being tangled. 

Here's how you can make your own rice water toner (it's easy!):
Use Jasmine or sushi rice
Clean the rice with water and drain it
Soak the rice for 30mins (or you can boil it for 20-30mins until the water is milky, up to you)
Let the water cool down and pour it in a glass jar or spray bottle.
Put it in the fridge. The water can last about 4 days. 

Let me know if you tried this!

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