light contouring

Korean makeup is all about having glowy/dewy, bright, porcelain skin and light contouring. Before I get in more depth, please note that inner health is a huge contribution to healthy skin. What is seen on the outside reflects on what's going on in the inside of your body. Be sure to keep a healthy diet and exercise. 

ok, so how do they get that light, clean, glowy, non-cakey look? You only need two things and two things only. Get rid of the bronzers, highlighters and concealers commonly known for heavy contouring.  All you need is bb cream and cc cream. 

The trick is to apply bb cream on your face like you would normally, and then pat/tap a lighter shade of cc cream on your T-zone and cheeks. That's it! a light contouring trick that a lot of celebrities use. 

Some of you might be curious what the difference is between CC and BB cream. Here's a brief breakdown:

CC Cream: CC stands for Colour Corrective. It is a skin-brightening primer, sunscreen, moisturizer and acts like a light foundation.  

BB Cream: BB stands for blemish balm or beauty balm. This formula tends to be a little heavier than CC cream. Depending on what brand you get, they help conceal and heal blemishes, it also has anti-aging, skin-brightening, sunscreen, moisturizing and colour tint properties. 

What type of bb/cc cream do you use? :)


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