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expiry dates

Either we purchase or we receive them as gifts, let's face it, sometimes we buy or have more than we need to when it comes to skincare and makeup. Oftentimes I find myself having products that I've used only a few times and when I finally decide to use them again *dun dun dun* the product is expired. 

You can tell when some products are way overdue their time by the colour or the texture. Using expired products will not have the same consistency or effect that it did when you first purchased them. You should be extra careful with products that deal with makeup. Things like eyeliner and mascara comes close in contact with the eyes, which can easily cause eye irritation, infections and even pink eye. Make sure you only keep mascaras for up to 3 months (and never pump air in with the wand) and eyeliners for 12 months. Other makeup products like foundation can cause your skin to breakout or have little bumps due to the bacteria build-up. You can reuse the foundations as body makeup as long as you use it on the less sensitive areas.

When your skincare products expire such as cleansers, moisturizers, creams and toners, you can resuse them. If your moisturizer does not contain whitening or brightening properties, you can use it to condition your leather goods (yassss!!!) things like leather bags, belts, wallets, shoes you name it! Creams that contain SPF can be used as hand cream. For cleansers, you can use them to clean your make-up brushes. Toners can be used for other parts of your body other than the face where it's less sensitive (i.e use it after you shave your legs). 

Personally, sometimes I use expired make up like eyeliners to draw, whynot?! :)

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