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Carbonated water does what?!

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVEEEEE carbonated water! If I could I would only drink that, but trust me your stomach will hate you if you did :(. Anyway, I found this so mind blowing since there's always a bottle of carbonated water in the house. So why not use it for the face and the hair?
This cleansing method is commonly used in Korea and Japan. Spas and salons are already using this and people are loving it!
The technique is said to have many benefits including removing dead skin cells, residue and excess sebum for the scalp and hair. It also helps with blood circulation and opens up the pores on your scalp for a more thorough cleanse. The sodium properties in the water acts as a clarifying agent leaving your scalp and hair healthier, more balanced, clean, shiny and soft! Sounds good?
Things to keep in mind:
You can do this method after you use a mild shampoo. If you have non-chemically treated hair, rinse only for 3 minutes. If you have permed or dyed hair, do the rinse within 1 minute as the carbonated water can affect the colour. Only use carbonated water that has no sugar or artificial colouring in them.
This technique should be only done once or twice a week. 

All you have to do is take 1:1 portion of carbonated water and regular water and mix it together in a basin or clean sink. Then with a cup (optional) or your hands rinse your hair in the water. You should feel the bubbles and the cool sensation. Make sure you massage your head for a minute or two and then towel dry and feel your clean, soft hair :D
For the skin, carbonated water helps with firming, tightening, brightening the skin and purifying the pores. It also get rid of any puffiness on the skin for smoother and healthy skin.
Things to keep in mind:
Do this method only once or twice a week, if you do it everyday it may be to harsh for the skin. 
1:1 portion of regular water and carbonated water. If you're using packets from Innisfree (Jeju sparking mineral powder) or any other brands, make sure to read the directions as they may vary. Rinse your face for 10 seconds with the water or you can also soak cotton pads in the water and leave it on your face. 
Let me know if any one of you tried this method and if it worked for you :)

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