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artichoke for life!

I've noticed throughout the past year or so, I've grown to dislike vegetables more. Actually let me rephrase that - I hate eating salads. I will only eat it if the leafy parts are cut in small pieces (I know, kinda living the high princess life here). Anyway, after doing more research, I've noticed that a lot of new Korean skin care products are using vegetables extract in their formulas since they contain a lot of vitamins etc. One interesting ingredient that I came across is artichoke. Yup, to be honest, I don't remember the last time I've tasted one. 

Artichoke has soooooooo many benefits when it comes to skin care. It is known to minimize enlarged pores, it helps build collagen, improves your skin texture, getting rid of fine lines, wrinkles and even blemishes. Artichoke contains high amounts of antioxidants and peptides to help you maintain your skin to be healthier and younger looking. Who doesn't like anti-aging ingredients? 

Here's something you can try - artichoke juice:
-wash and chop base of artichoke
-boil for an hour on high heat
-simmer for 30mins on low heat
you can drink this hot or cold and if you like it a bit sweeter, try adding some honey. Drink this for a few days and you'll see a difference in your skin :)

Yuripibu is a Korean brand that sells artichoke essence made of natural ingredients. 60% of the ingredients are made of artichoke leaf extract. Is this something you'll like to try? :D


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